Gail. U19 prizewinner Irish dancer competing for the first time at this year's SRO. Certified Disney fanatic.

[ I N C E P T I O N ]





Not planned.

I just sprayed wine all over my phone :’)

Bahahahaha 😂😂😂

Tbh one of my favorite dances to watch at competition is the light jig

Like watching different studio’s choreography is so cool to me because the simplicity of the dance makes the uniqueness of the choreography really stand out

Idk just feeling the love for the light jig

Turn out stretches for the tight-hipped dancer


I promised to make this post about 300 years ago, but all of these stretches and workouts were taken from the McGing pilates instructor Jackie who works for the Cincinnati ballet, Wellington Orthopedic, and has been on tour with Irish dance shows before as a trainer! This is what I do to help my…